Posted on February 2, 2012

the great album sale

If you’ve been around here very long you know how much I love photo albums. I love for my clients to be able to take all the photos from their sessions home with them. The best way to do that is in a photo album. These albums contain your precious memories from a time gone by. My dream is that these albums will be looked through, put on coffee tables, moved from home to home, put out at graduations, taken to college, and passed on to future generations. I love to design the albums and add personal touches as well, your favorite quotes or scripture passages and even letters from you to your children. In an effort to get more of these precious memories to my clients I am offering “The Great Album Sale”. This sale won’t last long so you have to jump on it quickly. Put in your order for an album from your session by Feb. 12th and I will give you a 35% discount off the price of the book!! You may only see this sale once a year so now’s the time to order your album!!



The layflat binding in these books is amazing!!


The top book is the 5×5 size and the bottom is 8×8 size. I am more than happy to show you these albums so you can see for yourself the great quality of these albums!

Posted on January 26, 2012

I still have a few handmade Christmas gifts that I haven’t shared yet. I blogged over at The Trendy Treehouse about possibly making this gift for my husbands secretary and I was so pleased with how it turned out. I also bought some enamel paint and made a monogram mug to go with the little bag. Helen told me that she really liked the gift and planned on using the bag for her Bible (it really is the perfect size for a Bible and a notebook). I also made the same thing for my best friend Julie but it didn’t make it through the mail….ugh! bummer! I will have to make her another one and TAKE it to her personally!



Posted on January 20, 2012

First of all I wanted to say Happy Birthday to my mom! She’s all the way over in Hong Kong and I miss her terribly…but we are so fortunate that they have chosen to do mission work during the age of technology. We get to skype with them quite often and it’s like they’re right here…they even got to watch a Packer football game on skype from Greg’s computer on Sunday. Happy Birthday mom! Love you so much and we can’t wait for you to come back to America so we can see your face without the pixels or blurriness!!! LOVE YOU!!

These photos are from 2009 and the first photo is the reason we used to call Micah “pirahna boy”
2009 01 19_1607
2009 01 19_1608
2009 01 19_1610
2009 01 19_1619

Onto the handmade Christmas presents…

I first saw this idea for clothespin people on pinterest…then followed it to the etsy store of whomever was pinned. I loved that the clothespins she made we bright and colorful and looked cute. I wanted to take it a step further and personalize the clothespin people. I had posted something about them during our 12 crafts of Christmas over at The Trendy Treehouse and Tracey from Alaska contacted me about making one for her family. I was very excited to do so. She told me a little bit about her family and we talked about what everyone should wear but mostly she just gave me creative liscense to create this for her. I was happy with how it turned out and I think Tracey liked it too. I then made another one just because I was on a roll and wanted to make one for our friends family…the one that the dresses and tie shirts were for, the one with seven children…yeah, that one. I really enjoyed painting these clothepin people and adding the details and making it personal. I’d love to make one for your family…or as a gift to give. I’ve got them listed in my etsy store.

IMG_1489-31I have more handmade gifts to share but it will have to wait for Monday! I am going to spend the weekend with my family and away from the computer!

Have a blessed weekend! Hug your loved ones and cherish each moment that you have with them, even the hard to tolerate moments, just think, this too shall pass. And I’ll try and take my own advice ;)

Posted on January 19, 2012

I have always wanted to try my hand at making a doll for my girls. Well, this Christmas I was brave enough to give it a go. While they turned out okay, there are many things I learned and things I will do differently next time. I made the doll for Kiley to match the dress that I also made for her. I made Hannah’s doll with a different dress in case Hannah and Kiley ever both bring their dolls to grandmas house, then we’ll easily know which dolls belongs to which girl. I also loved this pink, green and gray fabric when I saw it and cannot wait to make a dress for Hannah with it! I loosely followed the Black Apple Doll from Martha Stewart but basically just looked at it to get an idea of how to put a doll together, then I did my own thing. The big kids helped me stuff the arms and legs and it was a fun project for us all to work on. Now, I’ve been requested to make a doll for Naomi. Here are the dolls on Christmas Eve.

IMG_2531-148Personally I like that they don’t have faces. I did that on purpose…not just to save myself a step! That way the doll can be happy, sad, mad, glad you name it. Hannah and Kiley can really role play with their dolls and make them feel anyway they want them to, the dolls are permanently happy. I think next time I’d make the arms a little shorter, although I love the idea of a little girl dragging her dolly around by the arm!
Tomorrow it’s peg people time!

Posted on January 18, 2012

I showed you these dresses yesterday, they were part of the package that I sent to our friend the Kings. They have seven children, two of them are our godchildren and since I knew I was going to be making at least one dress and one tie shirt I figured “since it’s early enough (it was october when I started) I might as well make something for all the kids” and I am actually surprised at myself that I got them done and mailed BEFORE December even started! yay me! Y’all better write down that I was early once on your calendar because it may never happen again. Anyway, I made those three dresses, then I also made dresses for my girls and one for my niece Kiley. Then when I realized that I never gave Emily her birthday present I figured I’d make her a matching skirt (she’s 13). I also made these same dresses for my other nieces but just got them in the mail to them yesterday! So, in total I made 8 dresses and one skirt with this same fabric (oh and one doll, which I’ll show you tomorrow). I think you can tell how much you like a certain fabric if you work with it over and over and don’t get sick of it. I really like this fabric but I’m ready to move on! I got some really cute fabric for a new dress for Hannah that I’ll show you tomorrow!

Here’s grandma and her girls!IMG_2793-410We tried to throw Hannah and Kiley into this huge basket for a photo, we knew it wouldn’t really work but thought we’d give it a try!!
Can’t wait to use that basket for some newborn shoots!
Here are all the cousins in their matching outfits! All the boys wore their shirts to church…it was so cute!
IMG_2775-392Silly faces!
IMG_2784-401Emily was such a trooper, I had to go buy elastic while in Indy and I purchased the wrong kind so her skirt had to be pinned! Pretty cute kids hey?!
Tomorrow I will show you the dolls I made for Hannah and Kiley!

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