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Daniel: Class of 2011

Posted on July 17, 2010

{San Antonio Senior Portrait Photographer}

I had the great honor of meeting Daniel yesterday.
He’s a soft spoken, kind, young man!
I’m so excited to have him as one of my Class of 2011 Reps!!!
Yay Daniel!

Before the session even started I realized that I locked my keys in my car,
(what a way to start a session)
but Daniel’s mom Karen called a mutual friend of ours and he came out to help.
In the mean time, I got Daniel in front of my camera!!!

Here are a few of my favorites from his session
at Brackenridge park!




JTPhoto-DanielD-2117Thanks for the fun photo session Daniel!!
Thanks also for helping Aaron pop the lock on my car!!
Still can’t believe I did that!

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